Publishing: DIY or Traditional?

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The drawer full of notebooks. You whippersnappers won’t remember it, but that drawer was the equivalent of the folder on your hard drive that has all your writing in it. All the bits and pieces that haven’t seen the light of day – possibly for good reason.

If you’re not content with your writing living in that drawer (or folder, as the case may be), you have a decision to make. How are you going to get your work out into the world? How are you going to get it published?

Not that long ago, you basically had one option: try to find a publisher who wanted your book. Often that meant trying to find an agent who would submit your work to various publishers. Oh, there were vanity presses where you could pay a substantial chunk of money to get hard copies of your book which you would lovingly place in a box in your garage. If you wanted to get actual strangers to read your book, however, you had to get past the gatekeepers of traditional publishing: the agents and the publishers themselves.

In recent years, things have changed in the publishing world. Continue reading “Publishing: DIY or Traditional?”