Fiction Ideas: How to Conquer the Blank Slate

You know those writers who have so many fiction ideas that they’ll never have time to write them all? The ones who sit down to write and, well, have something to say? Every single time?

Yeah, that can get annoying.

No offense if you’re that kind of writer. In fact, bottle some of that inspiration and start selling it. I’d love to have some on demand.

For some of us, it’s not that easy. Fiction ideas trickle in when they want to, it seems. hooverdam_DSC1797And sometimes the stream seems to have been diverted somewhere upriver, leaving us high and dry.

I think my longest dry spell was about two years, although in my defense I was a sleep-deprived new mama at the time. It was almost enough to make me give up on writing fiction. I was doing a fair amount of ghostwriting non-fiction articles during that time. Just no fiction.

But the desire to write stories, to create characters and have things happen, didn’t go away. If only I knew who the characters were and what they were going to do.

I tried many different techniques to get my creative stream unstopped. Several things I tried didn’t result in fiction ideas at all – just frustration. I finally identified a part of the problem that was holding me back. Continue reading “Fiction Ideas: How to Conquer the Blank Slate”

Non-Fiction Ideas: Finding and Corralling the Elusive Beast

Image courtesy of iosphere/
Image courtesy of iosphere/

Please tell me I’m not the only one: I’m ready to write, the blank page is there, and …. yeah. Nothing.

Frustrating isn’t even the word for it. It seems like the longer you sit staring at the page, the less the ideas jump into your head.

After years of dealing with this problem, I decided to start looking for ideas on getting ideas. (If nothing else, it would fill the time while I wasn’t getting any writing done.) I found some great ideas, some that worked for me and some that didn’t. And of course I tweaked things, as you do… The end result? I rarely, if ever, have trouble knowing what ideas I want to write about.

Coming up with ideas for writing, at least for me, is a different process depending on whether I’m writing fiction or non-fiction. I find non-fiction ideas a bit easier, so that’s where we’ll start. Continue reading “Non-Fiction Ideas: Finding and Corralling the Elusive Beast”